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"A magnificent site. If you want I'll be happy to put my name to it." Tony Williams ex jockey.

"for my money it's the best form resource in New Zealand bar none, if you ever want the site promoted by way of a newspaper article I'm only too pleased to help out." Journalist.

"This is by far and away the most informative site for any serious form student. Keep up the fantastic work." D. W.

"No doubt you are working to have the site as a subscribe one-I have no problems with that." D. Q.

"Hi Great site !! I cannot seem to be able to access trackwork reports... Any help appreciated...It seems in racing trainers 'set' horses for a specific race and certain races leading up are conditioners and finishes with a 6,7 8,9 or so in latest formline boost the odds for the 'real' one...'follow form and go broke'...the trackwork does zero in on when they are pinging and serious.. Keep up the good work." Chris B

Hi, I've only been logged onto the new web site for the last three day's but I love the ease of the form. It reminds me a little of the best form publication arround. "Racing Post". Thanks Geoff R

Hi Peter, Tried again tonight and still can't log in. Won't accept log in name or any password. And I can't even register under another name as it keeps coming up error #40 or something like that. Even tried forgot to get password sent through to me and won't accept log in name at all. May have to give up unless there is something you can suggest. Pity as I was told this is a very good site. Regards, A Racing Journalist.

The site is an excellent resource. N.D.

"to be honest, find it to be a fantastic resource." Demo user.

"Just to say this would have to be one of the best sites that I have ever seen, and that is a few!!!!!!!!!!. " S.L.

"Hi, great website, I have used it a lot in the last week. As a keen form student I am always going through stipe reports etc, looking at trial results, and searching through Racing facts. I can do all this on one site! The other big advantage for me is that it clearly shows the class of field the horse has raced against, and I can more accuratly assess its ability. A couple of questions-the site is clearly a 'work in progress'. How will the video replays and video reviews work?" Dennis.

"Just to say what a awesome website,the best and easiest to use I've seen.Keep up the good work." L.D.

A very informative and useful site! Cheers M.G. Studmaster.